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Projects & Assignments
Ruhondo Beach Resort
Ruhondo Beach Resort is one of the properties managed by our company.This is a unique property for us because we have been involved since its renovation.

Apogee Tours
Apogee Tours & Safaris Ltd, Our range of Services explore the forgotten treasures of Africa, Particularly Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya

Why Choose Us?
There is nothing that surpasses experience as knowledge. You need to hire expertise from hospitality Management Company to guide you on improving the revenues for your hotel, lodge, and resort. A hotel consultancy firm is always aware of the challenges that are blocking you from achieving your desired revenue goals, and the firm is always at the better position to guide you in that aspect as a result of the knowledge and experience that they possess.
Apogee Services
Poor management decision making can hinder the hotel from growth
Poor customer services is one the reasons why you receive poor revenues at your hotel. We know how to develop a strong customer service team to improve on your revenues.
Every hotel needs to have an efficient sales and marketing plan to stay competitive. Part of developing the marketing plan is to know some of the marketing channels which you can use to reach out to your clients. Consult us today, we have implemented several sales and marketing plans and we know how to measure the return on investment.
Are you sure that the food and beverages that you serve at your hotel is what the clients truly need? Do you know when to serve the local dishes, regional dishes or intercontinental dishes? are you sure your chefs are good at preparing those meals? If you think you need to cook the best meals for your clients, you can consult us today. We shall advice you on the recipes, the dishes and how to best serve some of those dishes.

I stayed for about two weeks. I had many specific requests to suit my needs and they helped me with every single one to the detail without even one complaint. Their workers were always there whenever I needed something and always with a smile