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Hotel Management and Consultancy

How successful is your business? Are your services meeting the customers’ needs and legal expectations? We provide new opening services, which includes assisting hotel owners in the selection of a brand, market research, purchasing, hiring management staff, conducting job fairs for property level staff, background checks and other human resource services. Additionally, we develop pr-and post opening budgets, establish payroll services, develop and implement pre-and post opening sales and marketing services, social media, website development, marketing and advertising.

Revenue Management in Hotel

Your hotel can collect millions of Rwandan Francs or even US Dollars as part of the revenues, however with ineffective revenue management strategies, all that money may be misused, and you will end up not seeing growth at your hotel. You need to hire our team to help you to manage the most valuable engine for your success which is money.

Hospitality Trainings

We offer individually designed training programs- from group training for entire departments to personal on the job training and coaching.Before the training commences, we determine the training demand by analyzing KPIs and guest satisfaction. Together with our clients we also define measurable results and contribute to staff growth potential.

Sales & Marketing Strategies

Sales and marketing play an important role in the success of any property. Without a cohesive plan, properties can miss key revenue generation opportunities and lose guests to the competition. We use a multi-faceted approach for sales and marketing initiatives to ensure our associates execute strategies that provide long –term success. From tapping into strategic marketing partnerships to executing a robust public relations campaign. Apogee Hospitality management is here to help your property receive maximum exposure and connect with your target market.

Event Management

According to the most successful magazine “Forbes Magazine”, organizing the best events requires expertise, If your hotel is planning to organize an outstanding event, we shall be in position to offer the best advice on all the arrangements until the last hour of your event. Trust in our expertise and consult us today to prepare for that much expected. We have a team of young and passionate experts, which is here for your event’s success.

Customer Service

Bad customer service is one of the reasons why you receive low revenues and sometimes none at your hotel. We know how to develop a strong customer service team to improve on your revenues. If you are receiving several negative reviews about your hotel, it’s time to restructure your customer service alongside Apogee Hospitality Management Solutions.

Hotel Website Development

Apart from the customer relations services, marketing and financial management assistance, we also offer an amazing service of Website creation, development, and its management on good and affordable prices. We do the same to mobile applications. If you would like to have a competing and easily navigated website, please contact Apogee Hospitality Management Solutions to help you.